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​Welcome to
The Leadership Institute

Changing The World One Learner At A Time

About Us
Since we entered Singapore in 2016, The Leadership Institute (SG) has been providing learners with a rich and diverse learning environment. Knowledge, creativity and hands-on experience have always been at our core, and we’re proud of learners who have grown, learn and create with us each passing day.

Our founding team in Singapore sees the institute as a unique petri dish to nurture homegrown talents to flourish in a diverse and capricious global market.

With over three decades of experience in corporate, education and strategy consulting in Asia, United States, Canada and Europe, our leadership team embraces and sees the institute as an opportunity to nurture and grow a Community of Passionate Educators and Learners in Singapore.

We hope to reflect the humanity behind this venture. We hold our staff, trainers and learners to a higher standard so that we can stand out and be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that will inevitably present themselves in time.

Mission, Vision, Values

M i s s i o n

Our Mission is to

change the world

one learner at a time

​We want to be your dynamic partner of choice for pragmatic & innovative strategies & solutions and to run side by side with you on your learning journey.


V i s i o n

Our Vision is to inspire

a generation of thinkers

Thinkers question assumptions and think deeply to achieve their fullest potential.


V a l u e s

Think Customer | Create Value   

Learn Together  | Learn Forever 

Be Courageous | Innovate          

Be Accountable  | Take Ownership

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