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​3-day WSQ Course:


Digital Marketing Fundamental


(This is a Blended Learning)

Course Ref #: TGS-2018501834

Course Training Duration: 25 hours

Funding Validity Period: until 31 May 2024

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Limited seating. Small class size.

First come first serve.

WSQ Funding:

​                        non-SME/    SMEs/SCs ≥

                        SCs/PRs      40 years old      

Full Fees            $ 1500          $ 1500        

Training Grant    $ 750            $ 1050       

Amount after      $ 750            $ 450         

training grant

*Absentee payroll is applicable

PSEA Payment Eligible:

Learners below the age of 31 years old can use their Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)  to pay for the balance of fees after WSQ funding.


The course is eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) claims.

Training Location:

The Leadership Institute
18 Arumugam Rd, #02-01
Singapore 409962

​This course will equip you with all the digital marketing skills that you will need to promote  your brand online.

This program is intended for business, and marketing professionals, who are involved in social media marketing or social business. We help you monitor, manage and develop social media strategies.

Course Objectives:

  • Monitor social media platforms

  • Setting up accounts on social media platforms in consultation with relevant stakeholders to meet organisational marketing communications strategy

  • Manage social media platforms which includes developing social media content, overseeing integration of social media platforms

  • Managing operational issues and contentious content as well as evaluating effectiveness of social media platforms in achieving sales and marketing objectives.

  • Develop content on social media platforms and oversee integration of social media platforms to support sales and marketing strategies.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of social media platforms to achieve sales and marketing objectives.

  • Develop social media strategies to support sales and marketing which also include determining feasibility of using social media platforms as well as designing, evaluating and refining social media strategies


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy and Channels

​Module 2: Create an online presence and online reputation strategy

​​Module 3: Generate leads using paid social, social selling and in-bound marketing

​​​Module 4: Generate leads using paid search, AdWords, SEM & SEO

​Module 5: Campaign Action Plan and Budgeting

3-day in-class course with e-Learning component.

This course can be also be offered as an in-company training course. In-house corporate training is more cost-effective and our training courses can be tailored and adapted to your corporate needs.

​If you are interested in booking a private corporate session for your agency, please indicate in the comments section during pre-registration.

Our staff will update you one week prior to confirm your booking.If you did not receive any confirmation, kindly email us at



Hands on experience on submitting ads practice make learning effective. I’m able to apply to FB & Google  adv.

Koh KH

Through the trainer’s willingness to share selflessly, I’m able to build brand awareness through digital technology.

Poh RC

I’ve learnt about FB marketing, Google marketing and how to put up advertisement effectively.

Leow WC

I learnt how to use Facebook to boost and create a campaign to create brand awareness of my brand.


Digital Marketing overview where I can increase my product brand awareness target audience accurately.