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WSS Funding

Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme (For Individuals)


What is WSS Scheme?


The WSS scheme encourages and supports low-wage workers to undertake training that leads to more impactful employment outcomes.

What does WSS Scheme comprise?

Under the WSS Scheme, there are three funding components: Training Commitment Award (TCA), Training Allowance (TA), and Absentee Payroll (AP). For information on its benefits, click here.

Is my employee eligible for WSS Scheme?

To qualify, individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singaporean Citizen;

  • Aged 30 years and above on 31 December of the work year (13 years and above for Persons with Special Needs)

  • Employed and earning a gross monthly income of not more than $2,500 for the month worked; and

  • Lives in a property with an annual value of less than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December of the preceding year

  • Owns less than two properties; and if married:

    • Together with spouse, own less than two properties; or

    • Spouse’s assessable income for the preceding Year of Assessment is less than $70,000


How do I claim for TCA, TA and/or AP?

To check on claim process, please click here.

Where can I get more information on WSS Scheme?

You may visit Workforce Singapore for more information on WSS Scheme.

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