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What is Post Secondary Education Account

The Post-Secondary Education Account, or PSEA, is part of the Post-Secondary Education Scheme that helps parents save for their children’s post-secondary education. Parents can maintain a Post-Secondary Education Account for each eligible child.

This is part of the Singapore Government’s efforts to encourage every Singaporean to complete his post-secondary education. It also underscores the Government’s commitment to support families in investing in the future education of their children, and to prepare them for the economy of the future. PSEA is not a bank account. It is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is opened automatically for all eligible Singaporeans.

PSEA Courses

A PSEA account holder can use his PSEA funds to pay for his own or his siblings’ (where applicable) approved fees and charges for approved PSEA courses conducted by the institutions indicated in the table below.












*Courses under these categories which are submitted by public agencies and institutions will be subject to MOE’s approval for inclusion under PSEA.

For payment of approved fees and charges, you can withdraw the PSEA funds by establishing a Standing Order with MOE or by submitting ad hoc withdrawal applications as and when withdrawals are to be made. The form to use will depend on the approved institution you are in. Please consult the approved institution you are studying in on which form to use.

What fees and charges are allowed under PSEA usage?

Generally, PSEA can be used for the tuition or course fees, certification fees and assessment fees (including any GST imposed on these fees) for the approved programmes. It will not cover fees charged for items like registration services, materials or goods, administrative services, memberships and hardware or software.

Certification fees refer to the fees charged by training providers for the certification (of any kind) of the student for the purposes of his candidature in a course. Assessment fees refer to fees charged by training providers for conducting an assessment (of any kind) of the student for the purpose of his candidature in a course (e.g. exam fees).

PSEA Approved Courses

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