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Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Learning how to manage your time and boost your productivity is never easy but placing In more effort and patience to practice, you will find yourself being able to complete your work more efficiently! Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Make a ‘What to Do’ List

Lists are a great productivity tool! Make sure to list them according to the level of urgency and importance. Estimate how much time it takes to tackle and set a time for each task. Whenever the time is up, move on to another task.

  • Prioritize Certain Tasks

Start your day with the most important and urgent tasks. These tasks are to be completed before the day ends to ensure that your project moves forward. Listing your tasks in order of importance ensures that you finish your most important tasks during the day. Learn to prioritize.

  • Never Multi-task

Did you know multi-tasking reduces your productivity as much as 40%? Toggling between tasks limits one’s focus and increases stress and mental fatigue - as a result, the quality of your work is compromised. Make a habit of focusing on one task at a time for optimum productivity.