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3 Steps to Ending the Year on a Positive Note

An incredible range of emotions has been experienced by most of us in the last year. Anxiety, sadness, fear, helplessness, anger, frustration…the list goes on!

While the dominant sentiment is that 2020 has been a year that we can’t wait to get over with, the good news is that we survived!

The even better news is that we have emerged stronger and wiser.

You may have had a fantastic year, or a rough one, or probably even a little bit of both, here are 3 steps to help you wrap up on a positive note, both personally and professionally.

Step 1 - Reflect and Assess:

Reflect on the past twelve months to know what you need to improve on and what you can continue doing right! Did you set any goals? What would you have done differently? How much did you achieve?

Some careers took a blow, but at the same time there arose opportunities which helped many careers get a new lease of life. Those who chose to upskill saw a plethora of choices and made the most of the time that otherwise is difficult to make for self-empowerment.

Whether it was to learn a new skill, change of career, a healthier lifestyle or even spend more time with your loved ones. Count them as achievements!

Step 2 - Use Failure to Motivate Yourself

While many of us may have experienced loss in various forms, try to shift the spotlight to how that loss also brought about a positive change.

While it is wise to acknowledge your failures, do not focus on them. Remind yourself that most of the failures, especially in the last year were fueled by unforeseen circumstances and not lack of individual ability. Instead let any failure become lessons on how to correct yourself in the future.

Whatever you do, do not forget to celebrate your victories, big and small. Make a list of everything you have achieved through the year and give yourself a pat on the back.

Step 3 - Hello Optimist, Bye Bye Pessimist

The final step to wrapping up the year on a positive note is to look towards the future with optimism. Create a new list of goals and a plan on how they can be achieved.

Instead of looking forward to the year ending, let’s ensure we end the year on a good note. A good way to start is to change mindset. This does not need to start on January 1. It can start right now.

If you feel you did something right, do not let the moment fade. Highlight it in your list and pursue it.

Before the year ends, make enough plans that excite you to welcome the next year. Learn a new skill, take up a course, re decorate your home, plan a new haircut or hair color or whatever else you wish to do that may be possible next year.

A slight change in perspective can go a great distance in helping to end the year on a high note. Whether it was a lesson learned or an unexpected opportunity discovered, take the time to review your business plan and create a new set of goals to conquer the new year.

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