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5 People You Need In Your Life to Be Happy

True happiness comes from within. Learning to understand yourself better, what makes and breaks you unleashes talents to positively impact upon others or yourself. The truth is the optimistic mindset can be learned and adopted. Other than relying on ourselves to be happy, the relationships we have with others have the deepest impact on our happiness compared to any other factors.

In order to achieve that, we must surround ourselves with people who are constantly inspiring us.

These are the 5 people you need in your life to be happy.


During your hardest points in life, when you have little to no faith in yourself, that’s when your cheerleader is there to constantly root for you. Someone who believes in you, pushing you to the next big step that can potentially change your whole life forever.


The primary role of a mentor is to point you to the right path. Don’t get caught up asking someone to be your mentor. Focus on having one mentor, who’s willing to share their knowledge with you and has the capacity to point you to the right direction. Whatever your focus is on, your mentor has resources available for you to consume.


A coach is someone who places you in an uncomfortable position to make you do things out of your comfort zone. When you start doing things that makes you slightly uncomfortable, that’s when you will realise that you can accomplish many other things. The coach you heed to will be the one you need to trust the most.


You have a big social circle, but this friend knows your truest heart’s desire. Whenever you feel caught up, this friend remains to be the one for you to lean on while constantly convincing you to stay on this journey to be happy.


Notice how we mentioned having a friend then a peer? A peer is supposed to help you out of your social situations. The peer should have a common ground with you, probably someone working in the same field as you. They should ensure that you’re keeping your head in the game at all times.

Have all 5 of them in your life? Tag your friends to this article and let them know how much they mean to you.

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