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7 Social Media Content Trends You Need To Know

Technology changes constantly. Along with that, social media platforms are also changing, in terms of devices as well, empowering new ways for individuals to interface. An example would be the utilization of AR and VR tools. With these ever-changing technologies, it can be difficult to keep up.

Here’s some trends that you can take note of to adapt to while planning your digital strategy.

Trigger immediate Reaction For Ephemeral Content

Functions like Facebook story and Instagram Stories disappears after a certain period. In order to boost engagement, create visual content to trigger immediate reaction. Instant messaging and reaction tool is enabled when you post a facebook or Instagram story.

Promote Events and Deals with Location-Based pages

Location specific pages enable engaging with the local target audience more. Consumers tend to search for events and deals nearby their location.

Influencer Marketing

Research shows users purchasing and engaging services that are endorsed by influencers. Team up with credible influencers with a large following including your target market and promote your products or services.

Use Analytics Insights

Create content based on your target audience’s social media behavioural patterns. Customising content accordingly encourages audience to participate in campaigns conducted.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is still growing to be more popular and more than 50% internet users watch videos on social media platforms more. Create brand awareness by video creation

Images and Speech

Images are important. There is a huge enforcement on include Alt Text for every uploaded image. At least 50% of the product discovery via social media happens through images or speech.

Usage of VR & AR

VR and AR are getting more and more highly utilized and companies will gain wide brand awareness by using tools like Facebook 360, to showcase content.

Virtual reality

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