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Are You Including Social Listening In Your Strategy?

Social Listening – As simple as it sounds, it’s hearing what people are saying socially. Listening to what people are wanting and leveraging onto it to seek growth in your business.

It is universally known that data drives marketing success. Not just in the form of numbers, but data comes from humans too. Before you start on your marketing broadcast, take some time and effort to plan how you can incorporate human data into your marketing strategy.

Firstly, it is important to learn about your audience. What is their preference like? What are their interests? Where does your company stand amongst your competitors in the eyes of your audience? All these can be done only if you listen. Social listening is the most compatible and smart method to derive such data.

Social listening goes past observing your social media analytics and the number of times you have been mentioned on someone’s profile. It includes utilizing propelled programming to follow relevant discussions of which you then accumulate important data to settle on your data driven decisions.

Now here’s why you need social listening.