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Are You Including Social Listening In Your Strategy?

Social Listening – As simple as it sounds, it’s hearing what people are saying socially. Listening to what people are wanting and leveraging onto it to seek growth in your business.

It is universally known that data drives marketing success. Not just in the form of numbers, but data comes from humans too. Before you start on your marketing broadcast, take some time and effort to plan how you can incorporate human data into your marketing strategy.

Firstly, it is important to learn about your audience. What is their preference like? What are their interests? Where does your company stand amongst your competitors in the eyes of your audience? All these can be done only if you listen. Social listening is the most compatible and smart method to derive such data.

Social listening goes past observing your social media analytics and the number of times you have been mentioned on someone’s profile. It includes utilizing propelled programming to follow relevant discussions of which you then accumulate important data to settle on your data driven decisions.

Now here’s why you need social listening.

Concentrating just on your own profile is excessively tight. It is so important to comprehend on what is going on in your surroundings. Factors like your competitors, your target audience’s interests, how is your business industry evolving, play a huge role in building your brand like other popular brands. The more well known your brand is, chances are you will be besieged with messages and mentions. Interactions will increase. However, with this abundance of information out there, collecting data manually would take a long time even with a team working just on this. The most usable data can be collected essentially through automating your listening.

Statistics show that people tend to buy a product or service through word of mouth. Social media comments and conversations are what compels people to make a purchase. Do not miss out on social listening if you want to know what people talk about you “behind your back”. Also, social media is where you can get creative ideas for your brand awareness campaigns.

Let’s see how we can include social listening and build our strategy:

1) Use all platforms instead of just focusing on one or two accounts that you already have an audience at. Different platforms have different audience and you might just realise you have more potential prospects in another social media platform.

2) Targeting your customers’ pain points is one effective way of tracking your audiences’ conversations. Social media seems to be the most ideal place for people to vent their thoughts and frustrations and share comments and celebrate. Coincidentally, they might be related to something you’re selling. When you plan your strategy around that pain point, you will gain the attention of that audience and be able to connect with them in a meaningful way.

3) Watch what your competition is doing and how they are building up their campaigns. If you are not closely watching, you might miss out on your audiences. You can strategize your plan to emphasize that you’re a better choice than your competitor.

4) Create relevant content. Blogging is an interesting way to attract more people towards your site. When you do social listening, you get to know what range of articles attract the audiences. Instead of focusing on writing articles about just your product or services, you need to write articles on topics they would want to read. This creates a better engagement between audience and your company.

5) Research on keywords frequently used. Use websites like Hubspot, Google Keyword Analyser to find for commonly searched words. Try to incorporate those words into your platforms so that you will be more visible when people search for it. This is effective when you do social listening.

When a business shows its listening through its business strategies, it is better ready to interface with clients. Investigate new ways show clients that you're associated with them, their qualities and their reality. That is the means by which to produce loading clients who need to impart your image to other people.

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