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Design Thinking in the Digital Age

Updated: May 21, 2020

There was once a too-tall truck that drove into a too-short bridge,

and the truck got stuck underneath.

It immediately caused a traffic jam on the road.

Police, emergency responders, and firemen arrived on the scene. They debated whether they should remove parts of the truck or the bridge to solve the situation.

A boy who was passing by saw what happened and said:

"Why don't you let some air out of the tires?"

And so they did and the truck got through with no further damage to the vehicle, or the bridge.

Story credits to : Interaction Design Foundation

This story illustrates not only the danger of ignoring the vertical clearances on bridges, but more importantly of getting stuck in a certain way of thinking when solving problems. While the professionals were debating between seemingly sensible solutions, a fresh perspective on the situation yielded the most efficient and effective solution, and this is "Design Thinking" - a fresh