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Voice Search - The Next Big Thing?

“Hey Alexa, Can you tell me what the weather is like today?”

Pretty sure you would have used this sentence or at least heard someone using it around you. Voice search is on high demand over the last few years with millions of people all around the world are introduced to voice AI along with the rise of smart gadgets. Statistics show a high rise on the use of voice shopping in the US. 40% of smart phone and gadgets users use voice search for shopping. This proves to show that owning a voice enabled device is becoming a need more than a want.

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Secondly, not only does the use of voice AI ease users’ everyday life but more than 39% of users have felt that talking to an AI feels like their talking to a friend as there is a two-way communication happening. This innovation is in no way, shape or form latent. Undoubtedly you could conclude that smartphones have just sewn themselves into the texture of our every-day lives, but the voice search has just taken it one step ahead!

People are incorporating keen gadgets into all parts of their lives, placing speakers in their homes – even their rooms – on the grounds that they don't simply assist to track information, but complete errands in addition!

This brings to the point that the ascent in voice search introduces a rare opportunity for your business. It's an ideal opportunity to exploit this pattern.

How can we do that?

1 in every 8 adults use voice search through their mobile device at least once a month. Most voice searches are associated to their neighbourhood. For example, users search minute details like What food or shops are available nearby? Where can I find tuition centres nearby? What will be the operation hours of a certain centre? In a survey conducted on 2018, at least 42% of users have used voice search to find a local business every day. Be that as it may, when you consider where voice questions are having the most critical effect and demonstrating the most functional, it tends to be significant for organizations.

Once the search is done, users tend to head to their website or make a call through the number provided. Actions happening after these voice searches are vital. This will create an impact in the businesses and high likely produce results. This just proves to say that the era of voice search will not die off so soon. It is here to stay and dominate.

Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

Individually it might seem like most of the pointers might not move the needle for a business and there are possibly various other important factors to worry about but when seen from a larger perspective and in the long run, these statistics show that voice search is a significant power in how customers discover and connect with organizations, especially those at the neighbourhood vicinity.

Millennials are already experts in using these rapidly changing technologies. Not only them, even the older generation is getting more dependent on the comfort of smart phones. More than 60% have claimed they will be unable to lead a life without smartphones. At this rate, the voice search market is set to expand into an enterprise in the near years.

Numbers are extraordinary at giving an outline with respect to what's happening in a specific fragment of business or innovation. However, to completely value what's going on, apply the above numbers to what's happening in your life, today. Briefly consider how you scan for data. Would you prefer hands-free if you have the choice?

Photo by Rishi Mohan on Unsplash

The rise of Apple brand happened in the last decade. Now Apple phones have gone from an interest to a need. Similarly, voice search will rise to be a basic need in the upcoming years so now seems to be the perfect time to act on it and integrate your business for voice search. When voice AIs like Bixby, Siri and Alexa knows you, the world will soon know you too.

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