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Voice Search - The Next Big Thing?

“Hey Alexa, Can you tell me what the weather is like today?”

Pretty sure you would have used this sentence or at least heard someone using it around you. Voice search is on high demand over the last few years with millions of people all around the world are introduced to voice AI along with the rise of smart gadgets. Statistics show a high rise on the use of voice shopping in the US. 40% of smart phone and gadgets users use voice search for shopping. This proves to show that owning a voice enabled device is becoming a need more than a want.

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Photo by Loewe Technologies on Unsplash

Secondly, not only does the use of voice AI ease users’ everyday life but more than 39% of users have felt that talking to an AI feels like their talking to a friend as there is a two-way communication happening. This innovation is in no way, shape or form latent. Undoubtedly you could conclude that smartphones have just sewn themselves into the texture of our every-day lives, but the voice search has just taken it one step ahead!

People are incorporating keen gadgets into all parts of their lives, placing speakers in their homes – even their rooms – on the grounds that they don't simply assist to track information, but complete errands in addition!