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What kind of a Learner are You?

Have you ever taken an online test, be it in your workplace or school to understand what kind of a learner are you? Identifying and understanding how you learn the best can most definitely heighten your productivity and efficiency. Each learning style takes on a variety of forms. Here are the 4 types of learners: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing.

1. Visual

Visual learners describe people with a preference for visual learning. They are more prone to see and observe things, understand and grasping information better through sight - information that are being presented visually in a graph, pictures, diagrams, and such. If you are a visual learner, try doing your notes highly visual to show the relationships between your points. On the downside, they do require more time to process and observe the visual representation. Visual learners are also likely to struggle with listening to information that is not written out.

2. Auditory

One who learns by remembering and understanding the things heard are auditory learners. These group of people should reinforce information, ideas or concepts by reading out loud to themselves. They are also less likely to be afraid to verbally explain things or speaking up. Asking questions or engaging in group discussions can help them process and understand the information efficiently. However, they might be slower at reading.

3. Kinesthetic

Hands-on, experiential learners experiences or do activities to understand concepts. Not suited to the traditional classroom, but when they are being engaged through activities that requires active participation, is where they tend to learn the best. Incorporating movement into their studying, will engage their physical senses. On top of it, they have excellent motor memory and great hand-eye coordination. They also learn best should they write down things in order to remember.

4. Reading/Writing

Interaction with text is most powerful for these learners. Being more drawn to expression through reading or writing, this is the easiest learning style to cater to as it depicts our standard traditional classroom learning style. These learners are great at quizzes as it tests what they have learned. Writing annotated notes, to read can also be one of the best ways for them to retain information. Allow plenty of time to absorb information through written words.

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