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What You Need to Be a Great Team Player

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Everyone may have acquired the knowledge and technical skills for work to be done. What do leaders want from their team and what can make a team player outstanding in the workplace?

Listen Actively

Practice active listening. Pay attention to the conversation, without interrupting. Instead of disagreeing with any of your team member’s ideas right away, try to consider from their point of view. Respect the ideas and viewpoints of other people.


Adapt to ever-changing situations. Avoid complaining or stressing out when the team is working in a new or different direction. Remember to firm in your thoughts but still open to what others have to offer. Readily accept any tasks delegated to you and look at it as an opportunity to learn.


Take responsibility for your mistakes and look for solutions. Understand how your actions impact the entire group. Learning from your errors will not only improve your work but to also, ensure that no time is lost and the mistake is being resolved quickly and efficiently.

Genuine Commitment

Anyone can be in the office or be on the leader’s beck and call when needed but good team players make their time worthwhile and contribute as much as they possibly can. They want to see the whole team come up with great work and strives for excellence.


Everyone in a team has their own expertise that can greatly contribute, but taking initiative makes you a better team player. Make things happen. Volunteer for assignments.

Share Willingly

Share information, knowledge and experience willingly. Communication within the team usually happens informally, the best thing you should do is to be active in this informal sharing. Pass along important updated news and information on a day-to-day basis in the office.

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