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Service Challenges (Level 5) (Asynchronous and Synchronous e-learning)

Course Ref #: TGS-2021005081

Course Training Duration: 18 hours

Course Validity Period: 

25-05-2021 - 24-05-2025




Registration now open.

Course Timetable:

The course  commencement and end dates are currently pending final confirmation.

We encourage you to register for our courses. Minimum number of registration required for a class to be confirmed is 8 learners. In the event that we do not have the requisite number of learners for the class to commence, your deposit payment and will be fully refunded.

Limited seating. Maximum teacher-student ratio for both online and in-person class is 1 to 20 students.

Assessment will be base on i) an open book written assessment, ii) role-play assessment, and ii) a take-home project.

First come first serve.

WSQ Funding:


                     non-SME/    SMEs/SCs ≥

                     SCs/PRs      40 years old      

Full Fees            $1000          $1000        

Training Grant    $ 500           $ 700        

Amount after      $ 500           $ 300         

training grant

*Absentee payroll is applicable

PSEA Payment Eligible:

Learners below the age of 31 years old can use their Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)  to pay for the balance of fees after WSQ funding.

The course is eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) claims.

Workfare Absentee Payroll
Workfare Training Commitment

Course Objectives:

​Enhance customer loyalty through developing customer loyalty strategies, evaluating the impact of the strategies and recommending changes to service operations plans.


Module 1: Strategies to improve customer loyalty

​Module 2: Components of customer loyalty strategy

​​Module 3: Steps to design and implement customer loyalty strategy

​​​Module 4: Criteria to evaluate impact of customer loyalty strategies

​Module 5: Organisation’s policies,procedures and guidelines addressing customer loyalty

Module 6: Develop strategies to improve customer loyalty

Module 7: Evaluate impact of customer loyalty strategies

Module 7: Identify key profitability drivers

Module 8: Define customer loyalty analytics requirements

Module 9: Recommend changes to service operations plan affecting customer loyalty

2-day in-class course with e-Learning component.

This course can be also be offered as an in-company training course. In-house corporate training is more cost-effective and our training courses can be tailored and adapted to your corporate needs.

​If you are interested in booking a private corporate session for your agency, please indicate in the comments section during pre-registration.

Our staff will update you one week prior to confirm your booking.If you did not receive any confirmation, kindly email us at

Training Location:

The Leadership Institute
18 Arumugam Rd, Unit 02-01
Singapore 409962

+65 65860366

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