Empower Yourself In Industry 4.0 | 6 Reasons To Begin Your Digital Transformation

In its 2019 Global Talent Trends Report, LinkedIn identified the nascent trends that will influence workers and the workplace in Industry 4.0. Digital Transformation is no longer hype, it is the reality of our times, which is why today is the best time to begin your own digital transformation journey! There are resources in place to support you and your organisation to learn the most relevant skills for Industry 4.0. Read on for the six reasons why you begin, or revisit, your digital transformation.

EduTech is The Present, Not The Future | 5 Benefits Of Digital Learning for English and Math

In a knowledge-driven economy, acquiring the right quantity and quality of education begins at the earliest stage. Learning and mastering the fundamentals of English and Math earlier in life offers children greater opportunities later on. There are many options for parents and educators who want to give their children a boost in the knowledge economy, and here are five good reasons to enhance early education. 1. Students are motivated and stimulated by technology use Today's children are digital natives, and are very comfortable using devices in any situation. Rather than be passive recipients in a classroom, they become active learners in the user interaction. 2. EdTech is complementary wit

Does Your Business Need A Learning Management System? 5 Questions To Help You Find Out!

As a business manager, you are always looking for the next opportunity. Your product and service offerings expand, a new regulations is rolled out, and your team grows. The next opportunity is in managing the knowledge in your organisation. This can become more complicated with more members, and there is a point in which you must consider a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS acts as a virtual classroom wherein you can deposit your material, interact with users, and keep track of the metrics that matter most for you. Find out if you need an LMS with our quiz: We are always happy to discuss you eLearning and blended learning journeys! Reach out to our t

Yes, You Need To Learn Digital Marketing Strategy | 7 Reasons to Master Digital Marketing Skills

Welcome to the second post in our Keep Learning, Keep Earning series, a collection of short articles will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in Industry 4.0. Think about the last purchase you made - if it was the first time you were considering this new item, you probably did a quick research online before you made a decision. More customers are looking online everyday to make sure that they are making the best purchasing decision. If your business does not have an online presence, it is time to draft a digital marketing strategy TODAY! Source: Your digital marketing strategy must be thoughtful and well-crafted with high quality content

You Need To Rethink Your Learning Management System | 4 Factors to Consider For Your Learning Journe

Welcome to our Keep Learning, Keep Earning series, a collection of short posts to help guide your learning journey in Industry 4.0! In a knowledge-driven economy, the quantity and quality of your learning determines whether you succeed or not. At school or at work, how you share and assess information should always remain a top priority. A learning organisation is a successful organisation, and e-learning is the way forward. A Learning Management System (LMS) makes your e-learning journey simpler and more efficient for you and your team. If you have an LMS, you should conduct periodic quality check. If you don't have one, you will need one to improve your work quality and efficiency and redu

Learn To Negotiate To Get What You Want

Negotiation skills help you prepare and be confident in any situation • Negotiation is a useful skill to have for personal and professional situations. • Becoming a better negotiator takes preparation, practice, poise, and perseverance. • We have opportunities every day to become better negotiators at work, school, and at home. Negotiation Skills Matter Remember the last time you were asked to do a new project that stretched your resources without compensation? Or when you wanted to ask for a salary increase but did not feel confident enough to begin the conversation? These are common instances in our modern professional life that call for negotiation. The word “negotiation” brings up a

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