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Fundamentals of the Brand Building Process

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Discover the Purpose Behind Your Brand

This step is crucial. Understand the reason why your brand exists, the problems you can solve with your brand entering the industry. What can your brand offer and what makes you different from the others? Use your passion for the industry to discover the purpose behind your brand. Use these questions as a guideline to convey the foundation of the brand through your brand identity.

Identify Your Competitors

Google up and analyse any direct and indirect competitors. Learn the company and identify of how and what they’re successful at, making them different from one another and what they’re possibly failing at. If your brand can use their weak points as a strength to your brand, that would be a huge plus point for your brand! Differentiating will convince customers of your brand than others.

Know your Target Market

Every brand has a target market they intend to reach. Your brand’s mission and message must be specific to meet their needs. Talk to your target market and ask them what brand they buy from. Learn about your target market’s detailed behaviours and lifestyle – age, gender, location, income, education level, motivation and goals. By learning more about them, you can identify relevant platforms they follow and are receptive to. Teach your team and yourself how they consume your content, enabling you to build better digital marketing strategies with the right channels.

Build a Bold Mission

Your mission statement must have a purpose. Your brand identity must revolve around that mission. Take extra time to carefully compose your mission statement as it is for your brand to stake your claim in the market. Also, make sure your mission has character.

Learn more on how to build a mission statement for your company here:

Your Brand Must Be Unique

The outlook of your company plays a big role in making sure consumers remember your brand and can differentiate your brand from afar. Your direction towards your target audience should play the biggest factor in picking your focus and personality of your brand. Remember to evolve your brand as your brand identity would play in every process of your brand – from marketing to customer engagement to shipping.

Form a Brand Voice

Forming a brand voice is how your brand talks to your customers. It must form a business character and clarity to let people know what to expect when they engage or purchase from your brand. You can constantly tug your consumers in the right direction but not being able to form a brand voice can miss your chance of making sense and resonating with your target audience. Have the right tools and knowledge leaves a good impression on customers. Although building your brand is a continuous process, aim to have long term good relationships with your customers to build brand loyalty.

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