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Digital Marketing Success Stories Your Company Should Take After

Digital marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels. As people averagely spend a huge amount of time on digital marketing alone, building a strong digital marketing strategy is essential to guarantee your business long-term success.

Here are three digital marketing success stories your business should consider to take after:


A global e-commerce company with an estimated 60% of its business coming from abroad, ASOS has truly depended on digital marketing for the company’s success. ASOS encouraged user-generated content by starting a campaign on Instagram, encouraging customers to post photos of them wearing outfits bought from them.

Not only does it not cost a single cent, but it also showcases a brand through appreciation of its own customers. Influencer marketing was also engaged to promote its latest products and styles. Strong influencer relationships will nurture your brand with authentic partnerships that promote and share.


The world’s leading global food service retailer is no stranger to digital marketing. Years ago, when McDonald’s was running its famous Monopoly campaign, they took advantage of mobile advertising to educate customers about the promotion and the launch of new products.

The campaign was also meant to broaden its Instagram presence. Not only did they garnered more attention to the ongoing promotion and launch of the new products, but they brought in fresh attention to their older products.


Uniqlo, a Japanese casual apparel company took digital marketing to different heights when it launched an interesting digital campaign that required customers to take photos of a series of billboards with moving images to capture product codes. The five-digit product code was then uploaded to the campaign website where customers could redeem a clothing sample.

People were encouraged to share the photos to enlist their followers to participate in the promotion. This innovative digital marketing campaign did not only reached over 4 million people, but it also created 35 000 new customers for Uniqlo.

Use a different and unique digital marketing approach and reward with experiential marketing to engage with your customers.

What's your business success story?

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