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Your Lifelong Learning Journey Begins Today

Updated: May 21, 2020

What do these scenarios have in common:

- Sundeep graduated with a technical diploma within the last three years.

- Roshel, a degree holder from a prestigious university, has been working in a well-established industry for more than twenty years.

- Lily, a former C-suite executive, just created her own start-up with a focus on digital marketing.

The answer?

Sundeep, Roshel, and Lily will all need to learn new skills to remain relevant in Industry 4.0, the long-heralded wave in our collective history.

We've all heard of the AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), and Big Data, but how many of us are actively taking the steps to become or remain relevant in the future workplace?

The Singaporean Government is one of the most active governments in the world to ensure that its citizens are well-equipped in the digital age.

From the youngest of children to those in their advanced years, there is something in store to make sure that they remain lifelong learners!

SkillsFuture Festival 2019 is currently ongoing, until August 11. Take the first step in ensuring that you are well-equipped with the right skillset AND mindset to face the future of work.

If you are ready to register for your first Digital Marketing class, The Leadership Institute is ready to teach you. Register here.

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