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Why E-learning is the smarter choice for employers and individuals

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

72% organisations believe that E-Learning helps them increase their competitive edge by giving them the opportunity to keep up with the changes.

E-learning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional education.

Since the current COVID-19 situation began, there has been a remarkable increase in the uptake of e-learning solutions. With all significant communication shifting to an online mode, e learning is one of the fastest growing areas that is taking the world by storm.

Offering valuable advantages like flexibility, consistency and cost effectiveness, e learning has evolved in unimaginable ways over the last decade.

E-learning has become the tool of choice for corporate training, to be able to efficiently cater to its employees who are keen to learn and upskill.

With or without COVID-19, E-learning is here to stay, and it is crucial to address the digital divide now.

Beyond responding to COVID-19, organisations everywhere are applying greater focus on how they can capitalize on e-learning solutions to support learning everywhere.

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